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The incredible story of Ann Hodges

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Ann Hodges on November 30, 1954 was quietly resting on the sofa of her home in Sylacauga (Alabama) when suddenly a meteorite weighing just under 4 kg broke through the roof of her house. The meteorite then bounced on a radio and hit her in the side, causing a large hematoma. Ann Hodges is today the only documented person to have been hit by a meteorite.

Hodges' misfortune did not end there. In fact, one might think that following this event the woman managed to sell the meteorite at a very high price, but things did not go that way. Hodges was in fact immediately involved in a legal dispute with the owner of the apartment in which she lived, who claimed that the meteorite belonged to her. The lawsuit dragged on for some time, until the owner stopped claiming possession. However, the interest of the mass media for the event had now waned and Hodges was no longer able to sell the stone and ended up donating it to the Alabama Museum of Natural History, where it is still conserved today.

This story had devastating effects on the life of Hodges, who divorced her husband shortly thereafter and died in 1972 of kidney failure at the age of 52.

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