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FREE AstroScience Group is working HARD everyday for you. WE are spending a lot of energy and money to provide the best service for you to increase the awareness on SCIENCE. Making an high-quality cientific information by carrying out a complex 
project like this costs: Writing posts, creating and editing images and videos, controlling sources, research, in-depth analysis, managing social networks (twitter, facebook, instagram, including liveblogging, real-time updates, reports, etc.), and more. travel, reply to emails that arrive every week, phone calls, software and hardware tools, various drawbacks (the troubles never fail), cell phone bills, internet bills, mobile bills to work on the road, and more books, newspapers, weeklies, and various subscriptions. Independence have a cost. And now we feel this assumption on our skin. Resist for a long time. even during the pandemic, in total absence of means of livelihood, led us to "run out of fuel". Resisting, guaranteeing news, insights, originality, investigations, is a big challenge. Support our scientific social group to continue our mission! Please make a donation here, it's safe. THANK YOU..

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