Our Fact-Checking Policy

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The only goal of FreeAstroScience is to spread scientific culture and thought, we want to do it in a simple and above all serious way. Credibility must be a mantra for all science and knowledge websites.

FreeAstroScience has paid great attention to the absolute truthfulness of published news since its foundation in 2020. In fact, our entire editorial team has a commitment to being as transparent and accurate as possible in our reporting:

  • Ensuring the accuracy of news and referencing credible sources (listed at the end of every article or interlinked within) to arm our readers with the most current and accurate information, shielding them from misinformation;
  • Promote gender equality and diverse cultures;
  • Employing language and headlines that are inclusive, non-discriminatory, and aligned with our ethical standards.

Despite our rigorous checks, we recognize the potential for errors to creep in. As such, we welcome dialogues and constructive criticism, which have been invaluable in our growth journey. If you have any concerns or suggestions, reach out to us at with "fact-checking" as your email subject. We're here to listen and improve.

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