The Manifesto of the FREE AstroScience

Preamble : This manifesto collects the founding ideals and describes the innermost values of the FREE ASTROSCIENCE group, giving it a strong cultural identity, setting its goals and preserving the historical-ethical-philosophical roots of the group.

Article 1: FREE ASTROSCIENCE is a large online scientific group that aims to promote a worldwide cultural renaissance through the dissemination of free information, scientific education and the promotion of culture.

Article 2: FREE ASTROSCIENCE proposes technical and scientific information based on trying to make the reader think. Free, independent, authoritative and responsible information.

Article 3: FREE ASTROSCIENCE welcomes everyone, without any distinction: age, sex, nationality, religion, political orientation, sexual orientation, social and economic status.

Article 4: FREE ASTROSCIENCE is a single entity and uses the web and social media as a responsible place for the dissemination of information, the expression and exchange of ideas, and the comparison of values.

Article 5 : FREE ASTROSCIENCE  has the goal to encourage and motivate people to grasp our surroundings and understand stuff beyond Earth through science, specifically through web and social media:

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Article 6 : FREE ASTROSCIENCE group has an editorial mission and implements a strict fact-checking policy to guarantee the best quality and authoritativeness of our articles. The founder, head blogger and president is GERD DANI.

Article. 7: FREE ASTROSCIENCE protects and promotes all fundamental human rights, in particular the universal right to access of education, the freedom of thought, speech and expression.

Article 8 : FREE ASTROSCIENCE supports and promotes the fundamental importance of a free and inclusive education as a pathway of individual self-realization and social redemption.

Article 9 : FREE ASTROSCIENCE believes deeply in the values of equality, solidarity and social justice, promoting a model of social and participatory economy based on the centrality of work, which ensures the balance of productive factors.

Article 10: FREE ASTROSCIENCE promotes and disseminates scientific and technological research as an engine of collective material development, based on ethics. while the humanistic-philosophical as the social intellectual growth.

Article 11 : FREE ASTROSCIENCE strongly promotes the ecological transition of all production processes, protects the environment and biodiversity, and supports green culture and sustainability.

Article 12 : FREE ASTROSCIENCE fights vigorously against all forms of physical and psychological violence, condemns bullying (including cyberbullying), violence against women, oppression and human exploitation.

Article 13: FREE ASTROSCIENCE support gender equality in stem and in everyday life, defends the civil rights of the LGBT+ community and supports people with disabilities, aware of their great contribution to the growth of society and civilization.

Article 14 : FREE ASTROSCIENCE unreservedly rejects war as a source of suffering for peoples and promotes dialogue and peace among peoples and between states.

Article. 15 : FREE ASTROSCIENCE is committed to the preservation of 'historical identity, folk traditions and language, emphasizing the importance of individual local dialects, as a cultural wealth.

Article 16 : FREE ASTROSCIENCE is open to dialogue and confrontation with other cultures and traditions, respecting all differences and believing that from the sharing of values comes progress, both personal and of the whole society.

Article 17: FREE ASTROSCIENCE respects all religions but has no religious identity; it promotes ethical values and human rights and strongly condemns all fanaticism and intolerance.

Article 18: the FREE ASTROSCIENCE group forges relationships and collaborations only with those individuals, entities, or organizations that align with the values and principles written in this manifesto.

Article 19: All social followers, members of Facebook groups and readers of the blog are expected to RESPECT the rules of conduct of civil exchange:

  • a) It is forbidden to use vulgar language, profanity and obscenity;
  • b) It is forbidden to make accusations, insults, slander and libel without context.
  • c) The dissemination of unsubstantiated material or hoaxes is prohibited.
  • d) It is forbidden to post non-scientific climate change denialist materials.
  • e) Discriminating against or insulting disabled people and lgbt+ members is strictly prohibited.
  • f) Political propaganda through newspaper publications, posters and banners of parties or movements is forbidden. 
  • g) Incitement to fascism, racism, sexism, xenophobia, islamaphobia, homophobia, discrimination, extremism and violence is strictly prohibited.
  • h) Posting of pornographic material, including soft material, is prohibited.
  • I) Spamming, posting messages that are not related to the purpose of the FREE ASTROSCIENCE groups and blatantly disruptive, posting the same message more than once in the same day is prohibited. 

Those who violate these rules will be immediately reported and BANNED without appeal from the channels of FREE ASTROSCIENCE.

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Anonymous said...

Diretto, essenziale, assolutamente in linea con la sua struttura.

Anonymous said...

Direct, essential, absolutely in line with its structure.

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