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What Is a Dyson Sphere?

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A Dyson sphere is a theoretical mega-engineering project that encircles a star with platforms orbiting in tight formation. It is the ultimate solution for living space and energy production, providing its creators ample surface area for habitation and the ability to capture every bit of solar radiation emanating from their central star.

Dyson Sphere is named after British born American Scientist Freeman Dyson. He wasn't the first to come up with the idea but he popularised it. He died a month before this article was written. Freeman died aged 96, a good age to get to. He came up with the concept in his paper "Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation" in 1960. The paper which can be accessed at ScienceMag site.

The casing for the planet would need to be sufficiently far away so that the heat generated by star does not cause the object to melt. It should ideally have vents and not totally encased.

A civilisation that has managed to encase either fully or partially around its star would be classed as a Type II civilisation on the Kordashev Scale. The Kordashev Scale is a scale of how advanced a civilisation is based on how much energy that civilisation uses. The scale goes from zero to six. A level six would have limitless power like a God. Humanity is about a 0.7 on the scale at the moment.

Could we build a Dyson Sphere around the Sun?

It's a non-starter to think we could build a Dyson Sphere around our star, the Sun. You would need materials from many planets to encase a star. There is not enough material in our solar system to encase the star. We'd have to import from other solar systems materials to encase. We don't yet have light speed capability to bring material from other solar systems yet.

Have we discovered any alien Dyson Spheres?

We've identified a couple of candidate Dyson Spheres based on their variable brightness irregularity. A lot of stars are variable stars but a couple of stars don't conform to the general pattern of variable stars.
Tabby's Star

The better known star is called KIC 8462852, a mouthful to say. It is also known as Tabby's Star or W.T.F. Star, the acronym being What the Flux not..... It is a star located in the northern hemisphere constellation of Cygnus. Its named after Tabetha S. Boyajian, an American astronomer who led a study into the star.

They were unable to explain the stars fluctuations that they sent their results off to the SETI Institute who studied the star themselves. The results were inconclusive and the reason for the stars bizarre activity is still to be explained. One possibility is that there is a large object between Earth and that star that's causing the darkness dips. Wiki
EPIC 204278916

EPIC 204278916 is a small red dwarf star that can be located in the constellation of Scorpius. Due to its irregular variability, it is a candidate for Dyson Sphere. It doesn't have an easy to remember or say star like the other one.

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