Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The New Yooperlite Crystal that looks like the SUN

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 Imagine that you are walking at night in Nature and suddenly you come across rocks that shine like the Sun. Something completely magical out of the ordinary.  That's what happened to Erik Rintamaki, an American from Michigan.

 The story is so magical that I even thought it wasn't real.

 What is Yooperlite crystal?

 Yooperlite crystal is a stone that glows in the dark when light is reflected from it.  It looks like something out of fairy tales it's so amazing.

 When was it found?

 It was first found at the edge of the Great Lakes (Lake Superior) of Michigan, United States, in 2017 by Erik Rintamaki.  Erik liked to walk on the edge of Lake Superior in Michigan.  He liked to find agate crystals.  However, he was a little sad because agates were rarer.  So he decided to bring an ultraviolet light to make the search easier.  There were stones there that already glowed.  But he began to see much brighter stones that looked like a miniature of the Sun. They were the Yooperlites.

 Erik named these stones Yooperlite after the Yoopers, the name given to residents of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

 How do Yooperlites shine?

 Yooperlites are bluish gray stones and opaque during the day.  But at night, when someone lights them with an ultraviolet LED lamp, they fluorescent but a yellowish-orange color and look like the sun.

 In black light (a different spectrum from ultraviolet light), Yooperlite turns fluorescent violet in color.

 How does this happen?  Yooperlites are made of fluorite and sodalite.

 Fluorite already glows normally in the dark, it is fluorescent.

Normal sodalite is blue with white stripes.

Hackmanite-type sodalite has the property of changing color when placed in ultraviolet light. They are these colors...

Combining the two minerals in one stone results in Yooperlite, this stone that shines as if it were the Sun.

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