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The entire history of the Universe in an intricate spiral (infographic)

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A magnificent infographic illustrates the entire history of the Universe in an intricate spiral, 13.7 billion years old grouped together in a visual masterpiece.

 When it comes to cosmological history, the frame of mind we build based on the magnitudes of our proportion is simply not enough.  The abstraction necessary to imagine the billions of years that passed to form the Universe, surpasses the limits of any person.  But when it comes to visualizing clearly, artists are experts at illustrating the complex.

  Thus, Pablo Carlos Budasi, compiled a compilation of important events in the cosmos and grouped them into an illustrative infographic that covers the entire history of the Universe in an intricate spiral.

 The history of nature from the Big Bang to the present is graphically compiled in a magnificent spiral infographic.  The most notable events known to mankind are displayed in the form of notes that Budasi makes as a timeline.  Since the explosion of the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago, through the emergence of the most complex cosmic structures, such as galaxy clusters.  And, of course, it also includes events important to humanity.  The birth of the Solar System and the formation of our planet Earth were also recorded in the chart.

 A cosmological visual system

  But all this information could not be grouped together in an infographic if the organization scheme were not so masterful.  Budasi created a visual system to save us from the work of abstraction, in which every billion years is represented by a 90° rotation of the spiral.  The last 500 million years are represented in a 90° range for more details on more recent history.  Our existence is a blink of an eye in cosmological terms, so the most relevant events humanity is referring to are located in the last section of the spiral.

 In these last 500 million years, important events can be seen for the Earth, such as the formation of its natural satellite.  In addition, Budasi also includes geological history and the transformations our planet has gone through.  The formation of the atmosphere and the emergence of microscopic life, the ice ages and human evolution.  The extreme precision of infographics and their information in the spiral mix scientific data and visual arts, without a doubt, a work that every lover of the Universe should appreciate.

 Credit: Pablo Carlos Budasi

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