Thursday, August 12, 2021


 Without a doubt, the rainbow is a phenomenon full of beauty, but it is also a symbol of joy. Either because of its colors or because after a gray rainy sky the sun always rises and with it the rainbow, the fact is that it is a great element to photograph.

The following is a comprehensive guide, with tips, tricks, and lots of inspiration.


Photograph it in context. The rainbow is beautiful, we have already said it, but it is more beautiful if you include it in a landscape and achieve a great composition of the whole.

Or decontextualize it. Another option is to capture a detail, it is a completely different type of photography that you can capture with a good zoom.

Composition. The rainbow is still a line to include within a composition, use it to direct your gaze or convey the sensation that interests you the most. You can also find its reflection to create a closed circle, or use it as a natural framing.

Places. You will not only find it after the rain, where there is falling water and the sun, with the right angle it can also appear, waterfalls and fountains are a good example.

Polarizing. If you use a polarizer, take care that it saturates the colors instead of eliminating them, play with the position by turning it to achieve the best effect.

Background. A neutral background will make your rainbow stand out more.

Photo: Caro Musso

Source:  Photographer's Blog SL.

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