Monday, June 21, 2021

What color is the sky?

When we look up at the sky it refreshes us with its dramatic colors. On the earth the sky appears light blue during the day because the sunlight reaches the earth by refraction in the molecules of atmosphere these molecules of atmosphere actually act as prism which scatter the sunlight in 7 different colors called spectrum. 

During the night the sky appears black because there is no other light source near the earth other than the sun. During sunset and sunrise the sky appears a mixture of various colors like yellow orange red and the sun still appears in the horizon even after setting because of refraction through atmosphere. In the space too it is black in color though space is filled with millions of giant stars because as the space is vacuum devoid of any kind of medium and there is atmosphere so light rays though continue their journey, do not reach our eyes so the space appears black. Actually there is no color of the sky neither on earth or outside the earth or even if there is any definite color of the sky it hasn't been discovered till now. M

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