Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Science is the modeling and understanding of the physical universe. Scientific community is a community of scientist. Before modern science, scientific knowledge had to withstand the test of time. Modern science requires peer review of new theories. Science is the modeling of the physical universe. It is only conditionally valid until a better theoretical model replaces it.

 Science is methods and processes, generally relating to hypothesis and testing to unlock greater levels of complex understanding of a given subject. It can be loaded with bias, (human opinions) as we are the designer and initiator of these processes. A job of a good scientist is to consider beyond their own bias in the process of their method. Scientists can be wrong, they are human, but the beauty of science is mistakes are self correcting over time. Scientists adapt their theories when contrary evidence becomes available. That’s the great thing about science. It’s the current best way to describe the world. As time goes on and more research is done it does change. It never claims to absolutely perfect. Every time we launch something into space we get a chance to correct our understanding of gravity. It is impossible to prove anyone wrong using the tools of "science" they exist today. We should set up questions that posit relationships, control for all the extraneous factors we can, and then test the proposition that nothing is happening as we expect (the null hypothesis). If we are able to reject the null hypothesis, that lends support the possibility that we might be correct. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. People some when in the future will probably laugh at the average person’s limited understanding of time. In fact, if there is no evidence for it and likely there probably can never be any evidence because we can’t access the reality directly. Universal constants don’t change as the scientific equipment we use to perceive the reality, either recalibrated or not it doesn’t have anything to do with constants. Earth is equivalent to the size of a pea compared to our sun which is just an average size small star among trillions of stars all so far without known forms of life. Why do we think we humans are so important in the scheme of things and not even take care of our planet in between killing each other in useless war and debates? Life is short in our 13.8 Billion year old Universe. So, the human capability is not enough to reveal the truth.

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