Sunday, January 24, 2021

Man and his eagerness to destroy himself

I was commenting earlier to a special, dear, beloved, and great friend, by the way, administrator of this club, that sadly there have always been people who do not think about the consequences of their actions, thus justifying any means to generate money, In short, "the end justifies the means" in the name of monetary progress and enrichment.. How sad it is to know that because of their great economic power achieved, they think that they can overpower right and left without awareness for some moment if what they are doing will have a positive or negative impact on the planet that shelters us, that gives us life, that feeds us, that gives us shelter, and that keeps us and protects us from the spatial inclemencies that are in our stellar neighborhood.

 We are all guilty in some way (INCLUDING ME) that our beautiful home we call Earth has been consciously or unconsciously polluting; but at this point I touch, I mean most of all those powerful in your economic portfolio, that knowing the terrible damage they cause to the environment remain in their stubborn, stubborn and stubborn position of destroying nature in the name of economic progress.. And I ask myself: For what? What is the point of generating great economic wealth if we do not have even the slightest respect for our environment? I think personally that at the rate we are at, which is not slow at all, in a short time we will have dramatically altered our delicate climate. Humanity often does not know what consequences their actions will generate, therefore, humanity has a very finite view on how and how the environment will be altered that we often pretend to believe dominate in our ignorant position. Hence, personally, I praise and applaud the creation of this club, and the spreading of the knowledge of our beloved planet, for, as the saying goes, "eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel"; we need the expansion of knowledge in all areas, looking for those who harm our only home to understand the magnitude of their actions, and to desist from the damage they cause, for our planet is so unique that what we do will reverberate across the globe, whether in a positive or negative way. What is the use of generating so much money to enrich me, if in the end, I destroy the planet that shelters me? What good is it to destroy everything in my path, if nothing remains the same as I will die? Isn’t it better to look for wealth, but taking into account the conservation of the Earth? I say.. because if I destroy it where I will spend my fortune, if we have already annihilated the planet?  That is why I ask the Creator (I as a believer that I am), to help us understand that we must and must change our way of making money, without falling into the extreme fanaticism of doing absolutely nothing either, because we must take care of the planet.. I speak of a just and healthy balance.. We deserve it.

Our planet is unique, for now no other planet has been found that harbors life as we know it, if that time comes, we must still care for and protect this one, because for him and in him we have developed as a human species. Now, a species that calls itself "homo sapiens" (wise man), should honor that title that it put itself to itself, and, I note sadly, that of "wise" we do not have much, to say the least; since we have inflicted so much damage on the planet that as a consequence we are all inevitably affected as a "smart" species. An "intelligent" species, I believe, would not destroy its own habitat, as it would know that if it did it would also die in it; a species that calls itself "intelligent" would seek the healthy and just balance between lifestyle and retribution for the habitat that houses us. We behave many times as insensitive predators, without questioning for a moment whether what we do is for the benefit of our future flia, and benefits the planet, or if we just don’t look beyond our nose and try to just satisfy the need of the moment, Call it money, progress, technology, food, etc... To be genuine "homo sapiens", let us be aware for a moment of our actions, it does not cost anything to think for a few seconds of our proceeding, and, if having realized my future action, I really see as an intelligent creature that I am, that I will not generate damage to the environment, Therefore, I will not generate them to my family environment, nor to my peers. Consciousness and more consciousness, we know what is good and bad, we have no excuse for not knowing how to discern when what I am going to do is good or bad, we have enough intelligence and ability to question whether what I do is for the betterment of the Earth, or to destroy it.. Let us be aware for love of the One who gave us life, and gave us this wonderful planet, because we are only administrators, therefore, let us know how to courageously manage what we have, there is only one planet that shelters us, there is no other (for now)..

Francy Delgado

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