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Legend about baobab, the most beautiful tree

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Baobab, one of the most beautiful trees in Africa, symbolizes the hope of the people, the victory of strength and determination against scarcity and injustice. Its thick trunk, its hard bark and its leaves and fruits are water and food for both humans and animals.

Under his shadow, lovers love each other and the dead are buried. In the hollows of the Baobab, rest the bodies of many "Griot", (the storytellers of Africa). And it is said that if a person drinks water in which baobab seeds have been wet, he will be protected from attack by crocodiles. But if he dare to pluck a single flower from the baobab, he shall die devoured by the lions, as they tell us in africafundació

In the midst of its enormous palm-shaped leaves, lies what the natives call "the heart of the baobab". This heart is kind of a pretty rough core, almost unbreakable. And although now that "heart" is just a dark, empty ball, it wasn’t quite so...

There are several legends about the origin of the baobab and here we wanted to rescue one of them, which we find in a website of short childhood legends that we have found very beautiful:

The legend of El Baobab explains the origin of this peculiar tree found in the African savannahs. Thousands of years ago, the gods filled the world with life, plants and animals everywhere. From their paradise in the sky they saw one of their most beautiful creations, was the baobab.

The baobab was a very large and strong tree with beautiful flowers in its cups and because it was the most beautiful tree, the gods decided to give it the gift of immortality. Thanks to this, baobabs could grow much larger than the rest of the trees. They were strong plants, their trunks were huge and it was impossible to shoot them down. The baobab was so large that with its cup it began to appropriate the light and left the rest of the plants and animals under its shade without being able to enjoy the sunlight. Thanks to this, the baobab grew stronger and stronger while the other plants barely grew with the gaps of light that passed between the baobab cups.

One day, the baobab, realizing his strength and majesty, thought he was worthy to be with the gods, so he would grow and grow until he reached his paradise. The baobab thought he was a god like those who had created him. But this was a mistake, the arrogance and selfishness of the baobab made the gods angry. The wrath of the gods got the baobab punished to learn the lesson. The next morning the baobab realized that their flowers were gone and that their cups were not as precious as before. The gods had punished the great tree by causing it to grow upside down, with roots to the sky and flowers underground. This is why baobab has such a peculiar shape. And it’s one of the most beautiful trees.

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