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Summer Bottombola: Fun & Learning at FreeAstroScience Event

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Are you ready for a night of scientific fun and excitement? Have you ever wondered how to combine learning about the cosmos with the thrill of winning prizes? Look no further! At, we've crafted the perfect summer event that blends education with entertainment. Join us for our Summer Science Bingo night, where you'll expand your knowledge of the universe while having a blast with friends and fellow science enthusiasts. By the end of this post, you'll know exactly why this is the must-attend event of the season!

A Stellar Evening of Science and Fun

At, we're always looking for innovative ways to make science accessible and enjoyable for everyone. That's why we're thrilled to announce our Summer Science Bingo event, taking place on Wednesday, July 10th at the beautiful Podere Salmastro. This isn't your ordinary bingo night – it's an astronomical adventure!

What to Expect at Our Gathering

Free Admission, but Book Your Spot!

While admission to our event is free, we recommend securing your seat in advance. Simply send a WhatsApp message to 3886582664 with the event date, your name, and the number of participants in your group. This ensures you won't miss out on the interstellar fun!

Dining Under the Stars

For those who want to make a full evening of it, arrive early to enjoy dinner at the farmhouse's fantastic food booth. The dining area is separate from the bingo arena, so you can savor your meal before the excitement begins. Remember, card sales start at 8:30 PM, so plan accordingly!

The Main Event: Science Bingo and Quizzes

Starting at 9:00 PM, we'll kick off the first of three raffles throughout the evening. But that's not all – by purchasing a bingo folder, you'll also be entered into flash prize draws. And here's where the science comes in: interspersed throughout the night, we'll have science-based quizzes crafted by yours truly, Gerd Dani of It's a chance to test your knowledge and learn fascinating facts about our universe!

Your Cosmic Guide for the Evening

We're excited to have Michele Carrabotta (Mr. Botta) as our presenter, in collaboration with Var Associazione Ragazzi. Their energy and enthusiasm will keep the night lively and engaging.

Why You Can't Miss This Event

  1. Learn While You Play: Our science quizzes are designed to be both fun and educational, covering a range of topics from astronomy to physics.
  2. Amazing Prizes**: Who doesn't love the chance to win? Our prizes are out of this world!
  3. Community Connection: Meet fellow science enthusiasts and make new friends who share your passion for the cosmos.
  4. Unique Venue: The thatched arena at Podere Salmastro provides a charming, rustic backdrop for our celestial celebration.

How to Get There

The event takes place at Agriturismo Podere Salmastro in Sala di Cesenatico. It's the perfect setting for a summer evening of stargazing and science fun.


At, we believe that learning about the universe should be an exciting adventure. Our Summer Science Bingo night is the perfect blend of education and entertainment, designed to ignite your curiosity about the cosmos. Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or just starting to explore the wonders of science, this event has something for everyone. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge, win fantastic prizes, and connect with like-minded individuals under the summer stars. We can't wait to see you there for an unforgettable evening of cosmic discovery!

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