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HAARP: does it have anything to do with aurora borealis/SAR? Let's get the truth out

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HAARP: does it have anything to do with aurora borealis/SAR?  Let's get the truth out
Online discussions and responses about the Northern Lights/SAR seen from Italy on November 5 were diverse and plentiful. This event happened shortly after the HAARP collaboration, an antenna system in Alaska focusing on ionospheric research, declared a series of tests from November 4-7. This sparked widespread speculation and claims such as "The aurora borealis/SAR was triggered by HAARP!", "Technical proof of HAARP involvement!", "A simple Google search reveals it’s a conspiracy!". These are merely a fraction of the comments shared on social media platforms. However, for a conspiracy to exist, there must be a level of secrecy. So, why would HAARP publicly announce their experiments? This question seems to elude the commentators.

Unveiling the HAARP Initiative

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was initiated in 1990 to broaden our understanding of Earth's upper atmosphere by examining its influence on radio wave propagation. This significant project has been operational for over two decades. Essentially, HAARP employs high-frequency radio transmitters to heat minor areas of the ionosphere, creating faint light signals that aid in ionospheric studies. However, these signals can only be observed by those in close proximity to the antennas, not those nearly 9,000 km away, like Italy.

Comparing Power: HAARP versus the Sun

Furthermore, when HAARP operates at full capacity, it contributes roughly 10 mega watts to the atmosphere. In contrast, the Earth consistently receives almost 200 billion mega watts from the Sun, which is 20 billion times more than HAARP. How could HAARP possibly influence such a system? And why haven't we seen these types of auroras from Italy continuously since the antenna system has been active (approximately 20 years) if HAARP is the primary cause? The answer is simple: HAARP is not the cause.

Unmasking the Reality 

In reality, the situation is different. NOAA accurately predicted a powerful geomagnetic storm with a Kp 7. Such storms are formed by the interaction of solar wind and the Earth's magnetic field. Remember, the aurora was also observed from the Dolomites on September 26. As the Sun approaches its cycle peak, these events are rare but possible. However, it seems that certain individuals are more inclined to make physics conjectures on Facebook than to listen to professional scientists.

Note: HAARP cannot control minds, alter weather conditions, or induce earthquakes, even though some people believe otherwise.

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