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What we know about photos of alleged alien bodies found in Mexico

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Photos of alleged alien bodies found in Mexico
 On Tuesday, photographs were shown purporting to show mummified alien bodies dating back about 1,000 years. The incident occurred in Mexico during a congressional session. The theory was supported by Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, who was invited by Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, a congressman from the ruling party. The photos show what appear to be mummified alien bodies, with a large head, long legs and arms, and three fingers on each hand. After carbon-14 testing, which is used to date archaeological artifacts, the National University of Mexico has admitted that they are about 1,000 years old, but has not confirmed that they are indeed aliens.

The photos

In addition to Maussan, Ryan Graves, a former U.S. Navy pilot who recently reported seeing unidentified aerial phenomena while in the air, also testified. José de Jesús Zalce Benítez, a forensic expert with the Mexican Navy's Scientific Institute of Health, also told the Mexican Chamber that these entities have no relationship to humans. DNA analysis, X-rays and 3-D reconstructions are underway.

Maussan is well known in Mexico for his pseudoscientific theories, which he frequently discusses on both television and YouTube. Antígona Segura, one of the country's most prominent astrobiologists, said that Maussan's theories are not supported by any scientific evidence and that the whole event is nothing short of shameful. The National Autonomous University of Mexico also distanced itself from the journalist's positions, releasing a statement in 2017 clarifying that it had only determined the age of the samples and had in no way drawn conclusions about their origin.

References: National Autonomous University of Mexico

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