Thursday, September 1, 2022


The month of September will feature the planets, in particular the gas giants of the outer Solar System. In fact, Venus will be visible only in the first days of the month just before the Sun rises, after which, with the passing of the days, it will get lost in the lights of dawn.

The first noteworthy event will occur on September 9, in which you will have a nice configuration with the Moon that will be in the middle of Saturn and Jupiter. On the same day Mars will be in conjunction with Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus, easily recognizable in the sky because of its reddish color.

The most significant event of the month is probably that of September 14, when the Moon will go to occult Uranus. The event, visible from all over the Italian peninsula, will however be very difficult to observe through a telescope, both because the pair will be low on the horizon and because of the low brightness of Uranus. 

The photo of the post shows the configuration assumed by the Moon and Uranus seen from Padua at 23:00 on September 14 (via Stellarium).

September 16th will be the turn of the other ice giant of the Solar System, with Neptune in opposition, at the point of its closest orbit to the Earth. Nevertheless, the planet will be extremely weak and will require excellent telescopes and excellent conditions of visibility to be able to solve its blue disk.

The following day, September 17th, the stars of the sky will be Mars and the Moon, which around 3h43 in the morning will be in conjunction. The 26th of September, Jupiter will be in opposition.

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