Monday, August 22, 2022


New Webb images of Jupiter highlight the planet's features, including its turbulent Great Red Spot, in striking detail.  These images were processed by city scientist Judy Schmidt.

 In the first image, Jupiter dominates the black background of space.

 The image is a composite and shows Jupiter in enhanced colors.

 The planet's Great Red Spot appears in white here.

 The planet is streaked with swirling horizontal stripes of neon turquoise, periwinkle, light pink and cream.  The stripes interact and blend at the edges like cream in coffee.

 Along both poles, the planet glows turquoise.

 Bright orange auroras shine just above the planet's surface on both poles.

 In the second image, a large field of view shows Jupiter in the upper right quadrant.  The swirling horizontal stripes of the planet are rendered in blue, brown and cream.

 Electric blue auroras shine over Jupiter's north and south poles.

 A white glow emanates from the auroras.

 Along the planet's equator, the rings glow a pale white.

 These rings are a million times fainter than the planet itself!

 At the left end of the rings, a moon appears as a small white dot.

 This moon is only about 20 km in diameter.  A little further to the left, another moon, about 150 km in diameter, shines with small white diffraction peaks.

 The rest of the image is the darkness of space, with faintly bright white galaxies in the distance.

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