Wednesday, August 3, 2022


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Seeing these two images seems to look at the same object, and yet they are two systems with a huge difference in scale (over 27 orders of magnitude).

The neural network in our brain appears to "speak" with that of the galaxies that make up the universe. It’s really amazing how much the morphology of their structures resemble each other. 

The functions of the human brain are determined by the vast network of neurons, estimated to be about 69 billion. The visible Universe is instead marked by a "cosmic net" of at least 100 billion galaxies. In both cases, however, galaxies and neurons occupy only a small fraction of the mass of the two systems: less than 30 per cent. In both cases, galaxies and neurons organize into long filaments, or nodes between filaments. And in both cases, about 70% of the mass or energy distribution of the two systems is made up of components that have a seemingly passive role: water in the case of the brain, dark energy for the observable Universe.

It’s amazing how completely different physical processes can form structures with surprisingly similar levels of complexity and self-organization.

Erroneous image corrige: "brain cells"

Source: Frontiers in Physics the article "The Quantitative Comparison Between the Neuronal Network and the Cosmic Web", by Franco Vazza and Alberto Feletti 

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