Monday, July 25, 2022


What happened dramatically on the Marmolada, Italy, on the first Sunday of July must make us reflect: there are choices that we can no longer afford to postpone.

High altitude environments are considered the sentinels of climate change because of their fragile balance. They are systems particularly sensitive to climatic variations so as to respond in a more than proportional way: if the average rise in the earth’s temperature is 1 ºC, the increase in high altitude territories is almost double. The main cause of this rapid increase is the release into the atmosphere a lot of climate-altering gases that can exponentially increase the greenhouse effect.

The ongoing global warming is having a direct and devastating effect on the health of glaciers. Entire glacial systems around the world are shrinking, disaggregating, and some are disappearing. And the disappearance of the glacial masses has important and irreparable direct and very unpredictable consequences both on ecosystems and on society.

Source: INGVambient 

In the image, a comparison of the extensions of the Marmolada glacier (IT - BL) between 1941 and 2013.

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