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Is it true that bitterness at the end of a meal really makes you digest better?

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Drinking the bitter after lunch and even after dinner is a habit to which we have always been accustomed, because we are convinced that this drink helps to digest and in fact is improperly called "digestive". There are now all kinds of bitters, from those to herbs (which are always the most common), to those with particular aromas, it has now become so used that even the production houses indulge in creating new aromas. But drinking bitter after lunch is good? We will answer this question below and we do not believe that many will like it.

Bitterness does not help to digest: here is the sad reality

Many studies have been carried out on the effect that bitterness can have on digestion and it has been concluded that this liqueur has no digestive capacity.

It is therefore only a conviction or a habit now to consume the bitter after meals, especially when you decide to have lunch out maybe on holidays and eat much more than at home.

The belief that the bitter helps to digest is given by the feeling of slight burning that is felt in the stomach when you ingest and believe that we already feel lighter, actually the taste of the bitter stimulates the taste buds and therefore we immediately feel an increase in the production of our saliva, but at the same time the alcohol content of the bitter (which is usually between 30/35 degrees) goes to irritate the walls of the stomach and in doing so slows the emptying. In simple terms instead of helping digestion has in fact the opposite effect.

To digest it is better to drink a glass of wine

We have therefore explained that bitterness is absolutely not used to improve digestion because of its other alcohol content, instead it can really help digestion a good glass of wine at the end of lunch, because usually its gradation is between 10 and 14 degrees and drunk in small sips stimulates gastric secretion.

In addition, bitterness is not recommended for those who follow a diet to lose weight, because a small glass of this liqueur contains about 55 calories, not really a boon for those who want to lose weight.

So enjoying a glass of bitter is certainly not a sin, but do it for the pleasure of enjoying it without hoping that after a big eat you will feel less swollen, and above all never abused, because not only the abuse is bad for the health of the body but also because liquors with a high alcohol content can really bring irreversible damage.

Never drink bitter or any other alcoholic drink before driving, do it for you, for your loved ones and also for the common good, remember life is one and must be respected.

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