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The golden rules to be the best in science and mathematics

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How many times have you heard someone say “I can’t do maths”? Chances are you’ve said it yourself. Thanks to this shuddering fear, most of us have often wondered if there a secret pill that we need to take to become a mathematics genius – even just for the day of our final exam? I know… I wished one for myself when I was a student especially in my Trigonometry finals in school. That was the only time in my life when I absolutely had no idea on an exam. I wished for some kind of math magic to be bestowed upon me even for just 20 minutes. That would have saved my life, literally.

1. Be alone that is when new ideas are born

2. choose your friends wisely because they represent who you are.

3. Always share knowledge to others because they may have answers to your questions

4. watch motivation and academic movies because you can learn ways of solving problems

5. Always go prepared cause lack of preparation is the cause of all failures.

6. Listen to science and mathematics songs and poem they may boost your confidence

7. Study all the subjects as if you writing an exam tomorrow

8. Use the power of imagination to guide when studying.

9. Always look smart because its represent what you do.

10. Always set time management of every activity you do because time waits for no one.

11. Always use science and mathematics language it will help you remember some terminologies.

12. Always listen to wise people when they are talking so as to increase your intelligence

13. Always use mnemonic, alphabet and numbers to guide you when you want to know a list of object

14. join academic group both socially and physically so as to know the language of education

15. set principles of what to do and not to do so as to avoid been found with wrong people and in wrong places

16. Always save money to buy useful and future things connected to your career

17. Avoid over sleeping cause it's a sign of laziness

18. when you are angry , mind your temper

19. when you are alone, mind your thoughts

20. when you are with Friends, mind your tongue

21. when you are in group, mind your behavior

22. when you are in trouble, mind your emotion

23. never advertise your happy marriage on social media cause it's not everyone who is happy for you

24. keep in mind what you post on media because you don't Know is saving your pictures and checking your updates

25. never advertise your achievement on media because you are just attracting jeolous people in your life

26. Choose your environment before you start studying cause knowledge favours suitable environment

27. Relaxes your mind when you are tired by taking a walk alone

28. never go for simple things but rather go for hard things because simple things will make you relaxes and weak

29. Always be fast in whatever you do so that when you wrong someone  will be able to control you before it's too late

30. Be humble and discipline to every person you meet because you don't know who may help you tomorrow.

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