Saturday, April 30, 2022

The James Webb Telescope is almost ready to begin scientific work!

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The telescope has in fact completed the seventh and final phase of alignment of its mirrors and the team that manages it has unanimously established that you could not get better. On the contrary, the results are even better than expected! The images are in fact at the limit of diffraction. This physical phenomenon related to the telescope diameter cannot be eliminated and, therefore, a better resolution cannot be achieved.

The telescope is then ready to move on to the last phase that will precede the beginning of scientific work: the commissioning of its scientific instruments.

These are in fact a very complex set of lenses, filters and other equipment that will take about two months to be activated and to check their correct operation. In addition, over the course of these two months, the team will continue to monitor the telescope’s calibration, monitoring the alignment of its mirrors day by day.

The last effort for the JWST, after which it will begin to return us wonderful images of the Universe that surrounds us!

Credit: NASA, StScl.

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