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How did the univers start?

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If it's a clear night, you might see uncountable tiny points of light. This bright cosmic objects could be Stars, planet or even Galaxies. All distributed in Space in a certain order. Everything in space has a history. A beginning, a moment where you are reading this now, and perhaps at some point in the future, an end. 

The most incredible history of the universe will be discussed in this series of articles . We will start by addressing the most philosophic question we all asked when we were kids: How did all this start? Where did all these cosmic objects came from? 

Observing the night sky in California in 1920, Edwin Hubble concluded not only that there were billions of galaxies, of which the milky way is a part, but also that the universe has expanded over time. This leads the belgian astronomer Georges Lemaitre to the beautiful assertion that there must have been an exact moment at which everything began, when the universe exploded and then began to expand

The universe was born approximately 13,7 Billion years ago because of a geat expansion that goes space off. The proofs for this theory are compelling. The first one relies on the expansion of the universe at an ever-accelerating rate. The second refers to the discovery of the predicted thermal imprint of the Big Bang. It is based on a theoretical singularity that relies on the birth of the universe with a certain point of infinite density and temperature in the whole regime. n contrast, the theory of general relativity fails to take quantum mechanics into account, and this makes the singularity theory more problematic.

Information or matter cannot be carried faster than light between two points in space, according to special relativity. Inflation itself was an expansion of space. Inflation was the 'bang' of the Big Bang. A mysterious force is accelerating the expansion of the universe, which scientists believe is dark energy. During inflation, dark energy accelerated the expansion of the universe. However, it didn't last long.

But what is dark energy? and how doest it work? 

That will be the topic of the next article.

Written by: Fatima Ibnoutalib

Foto taken by: Ariel Maderna

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