Monday, November 1, 2021

Ghosts in the Cepheus constellation

 This image brings us different objects present in the direction of the constellation Cepheus, the Cepheus. One is the Iris nebula, which appears near the center of the image and has several dust clouds surrounding a hot young star. The bluish glow comes from the starlight reflected by the dust grains, while the central filaments appear to have a reddish glow thanks to a curious interaction: some of the grains manage to convert the ultraviolet light emitted by the star into visible red light. On the right side of the image, we find some ghostly clouds near a complex of molecular clouds. 

They are accompanied by the “Ghost Nebula” (Sh2-136, VdB 141), located at the bottom of the photo — look at its shape and you will understand why the nickname is. This is a reflection nebula that appears to show some signs of dense nuclei collapsing throughout the early stages of star formation. If you look at the lower right corner of the nebula, you will find a forming protostar, whose material produces V-shaped jets.

 (Image: Reproduction/Leo Shatz

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