Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Hubble shows extremely energetic galaxy 130 million light years from Earth

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The Hubble Space Telescope recorded an image of an interesting galaxy approximately 130 million light years away from Earth. The celestial body is NGC 5728, a spiral galaxy similar to the Milky Way but with a particularly active core, as shown in the Hubble image.

 According to NASA, the galaxy NGC 5728 is part of a class of galaxies with an extremely energetic emission powered by their active cores, which are known as active galactic cores (AGN). Image of spiral galaxy NGC 5728, located approximately 130 million light years away from Earth As the image shows, NGC 5728 is clearly observable and at optical and infrared wavelengths it looks normal, however its center is emitting large amounts of light in parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

In addition, NASA confirms that the active core of NGC 5728 actually emits more light than the Hubble telescope can see, meaning the galaxy emits more light at other wavelengths. Making things more complicated, the AGN at the core of NGC 5728 may be emitting visible and infrared light, however it may be blocked by dust around the galaxy's core.

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