Thursday, September 9, 2021

Comparison of Earth with the exoplanet Kepler-296f

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Look at the size of our planet compared in this Kepler-296f comparison.

on February 26, 2014, this planet was discovered by NASA using the technique called transit.

 This exoplanet is the super-earth confirmed by an exoplanet orbiting the habitable zone of the Kepler-296 star system.

  In fact, this star system has five planets orbiting this star, and two out of five planets are orbiting this star kepler-296f.  The name of the companion planet is kepler-296e and Kepler 296d. but on both these two exoplanets the Kepler-296 and it is only habitable together with the exoplanet Kepler 296f.

 the exoplanet kepler-296f it's orbiting this star in 63 days, along with its two fictional moons in its star system.

  If I'm not mistaken, the green color of that planet is a continent like the one you see on our planet in the photos below.  And the white color is a large mass of glacier, as on our planet at the North Pole and the South Pole there is a large mass of solid ice glaciers.

  🤍 This planet is one of the most fascinating discoveries on superearth.

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