Friday, August 6, 2021

How was the moon born?

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Probably, the Moon was born from a blow that the Earth took.  More than 4 billion years ago, our planet would have suffered the greatest impact of its existence: it collided with another planet, a colossus the size of Mars that crossed its orbit.  As the unsuspecting star was smaller, he ended up in shrapnel.  Earth, of course, didn't escape unscathed either: much of its surface literally went into space.  After a few years, the debris from the explosion came together to make up the Moon. 

This frightening phenomenon only happened because the solar system was forming at that time.  A few million years before the great crash, there was only microscopic dust around the Sun.

 The grains, over time, joined together to form more voluminous rocks, which collided with each other, creating even larger bodies.  The rocks that became big and strong survived as planets – among them, what we now call Earth.  Although there is still no definitive proof that the space collision actually took place, this is by far the most widely accepted theory about the Moon's appearance. A very strong argument in its favor is the fact that the center's 2% iron concentration the satellite is practically the same as that found in the most superficial layers of the Earth – precisely those that would have been hit by the impact.  “Furthermore, the composition of moonstones is very similar to that of rocks in the Earth's mantle, the layer just below the planet's surface.  It's one more point in common between the two stars”, says geophysicist Lon Hood, from the University of Arizona, in the United States.

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