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What is Energy, Forms Of Energy

We use Energy in our daily life, it can be in any form, such as heat, electrical, kinetic, radiant, and other various forms. Today we are going to learn What is Energy. How energy is formed, how it helps us to stay alive, and different types of energy.

All About Energy

Energy is the ability, it is the power to perform work, such as doing homework, swimming, driving, and many more… It helps to stay alive. Energy can be wonderful.
How Energy is Formed

hey firstly, let me tell you that any type of energy can never be made or destroyed. We can just change its state of form, which means it only changes one form to another.

It is first discovered by z. – Robert Mayer in 1850 and named it the law of conservation energy.

Examples for the Law Of Conservation on Energy
In a battery, there is a chemical inside and it changes into electricity. So chemical energy changes into electrical energy.
In a motor, we give it electrical power and start rotating. That means electrical energy changes into mechanical energy.
The propeller attached to the motor starts rotating when the motor is power up. This means mechanical energy changes into kinetic energy.

How Energy helps us to Stay Alive

every living cell needs the energy to stay alive. To grow the body to move the body, and that energy is supplied by food.

Energy also helps us for respiration. Of course, you can ask how is it possible.

We all know sunlight is needed for photosynthesis, and we all must know that sunlight is also an energy. So the light energy is converted to chemical energy.

forms of energy

Energy can exist in many forms, and most of them are Convertible. According to the law conservation of energy, all the existing energy has been surviving from the times of the big bang they are not destroyed yet.

They are just converted one to another form and they are still converting.

Kinetic Energy

When things move or in motion, they got kinetic energy from somewhere. Kinetic energy directly depends on the motion snd motion of the body The thing that is heavier and faster has more kinetic energy.

Because if the thing is heavier the gravitational that acts on it will also higher.

Potential Energy

Potential Energy is stored energy in an object that releases up at its time. It stores energy according to the position or arrangement of the state in an object or you can think that it is the energy to do the work.

e.g. if a balloon is filled up with air inside it and with a knot at its end. When we open the knot, the balloon starts floating in the air.

It stores potential energy in it, and when the knot opens it releases all the potential energy inside it.

Because it releases the air from its back, and as we know that every object has and action and reaction forces. In the case of the balloon the air goes backward, according to the third law motion balloon goes forward. Because a reaction force acts on the balloon

Chemical energy

It is stored energy in chemical compounds like atoms and molecules. The energy is released at the time of chemical reactions. Usually, once chemical energy has been released from a substance, that substance is transformed into a completely new substance.

Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is carried or stored charge inside particles of atom called electrons, and transfer this charge through their conductors, such as wire, iron, copper, and many more.

Heat Energy

When atoms start giggling together quickly in an object the heat energy is produced. Hot things have more energy than cold ones. Because the movements of atoms in hot things are faster.

Light Energy

The light travels at the universe’s high speed in straight lines, like the radio waves, so it is electromagnetic energy. Ther are photons inside the light which are produced when an object lights up.

Sound Energy

When some objects vibrate they send energy waves traveling through the air, which we hear as sound Sound energy is the movement of energy through a substance – such as air or water – in the form of waves.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is stored inside the nucleus or its core. The tiny particles inside the matter that make up our universe are known as atoms. Atoms are bound together by nucleus energy, which they release when they split apart in nuclear reactions.

Dark Energy

Most of our universe’s energy is in the form of dark energy. It is the form of hypothetical energy which repulsive pressure and behaves like the opposite of gravity, which explains the causes of the expansion of our universe to acceleration, rather than to slow down.

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