Friday, July 30, 2021

What effect do light rays have on flowers?

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The presence of flowers in a meadow is a differential factor. Not only on an aesthetic level, but also on a climatic and humidity level, as a study carried out by a group of American researchers has discovered. Those flower-covered soils reflected more solar radiation than those fields with other vegetation, which made them have up to 1.2 degrees Celsius lower in temperature and 1% more humidity. These variables, in turn, affect the living conditions of the fauna and the rest of the flora of that territory and, according to the authors of the work, could help to combat global warming on a small scale.

In which it was determined that fields without flowers are 1.2 degrees Celsius more than flowery ones and their soil retains 1% less moisture.

The key is in the amount of radiation that objects reflect, which is known as albedo. Light bodies reflect a greater amount of light, while dark ones absorb it and transform it into heat. Similarly, glossy surfaces reflect more light than matte ones.

photo by Pedro Alvarez Alvarez

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