Friday, July 2, 2021

Talking about angular velocity

Folks !!! Have you ever thought why this happens ? 😀  Well its all the game of acceleration we all experience ... While dealing with rotational mechanics its always angular velocity which matters, not the linear velocity ... Because linear velocity is a dependent quantity ... Farther you go from the axis, linear velocity increases and vice versa .. But angular velocity is always constant. 

In the first case, if we calculate the angular velocity.

ω = 360°/2 ( assuming time taken to be 2 sec )

Here, the angular velocity is very high hence more will be the acceleration experienced by a body ..

Same for the second case as well ..

But third case represents the rotational motion of earth . So, here 

ω = 360°/ 86400 ( 86400s = 1 day )

Hence the angular velocity is very less and hence the acceleration we experience is always very less and we cant experience it ..

Remember !!!! The acceleration i am talking about is linear acceleration.. as inertial jerk is experienced during linear acceleration .. Angular acceleration is nearly zero in all case .. 

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