Thursday, July 15, 2021

Sound of Collision of 2 Neutron Stars!

Ligo is well known for their contrbution to the detection of gravitational waves, but who knew that they would able to produce the sound of collision of 2 neutron stars, and to our surprise it was just a WHOOP!! 

Explanation behind the 'WHOOP' sound:

If you listen closely, you may hear motorcycles approaching from the distance. Or maybe it sounds more like bees swarming. Perhaps it just sounds like a sci-fi background tone, meant to build tension. Whatever you think two neutron stars sound like as they spiral closer and closer together, though, it’s hard to deny that that final bloop isn’t startling. Though this stellar merger didn’t make any sound, we can listen to a simulation of what it sounded like. It may seem strange that two ultra-dense neutron stars — each the size of our sun  or larger — merging 130 million light-years away didn’t make noise. In the process, these merging stars produced massive amounts of gamma radiation and even created elements like gold and platinum.

But, perhaps most importantly, they also produced ripples in spacetime. These ripples, which we know as gravitational waves, occur at various frequencies, which scientists👨‍🔬 can translate into sound. So as the neutron stars spiraled in toward one another, they emitted high-frequency gravitational waves that fell within the range that Earth-based detectors could record.

The result is that we can see the system for some 1,500 complete cycles of these two objects around each other.

And that final bloop? That’s when the stars finally merged. By converting the frequency of gravitational waves into audio, the astronomers created what could potentially be the sickest hip-hop beats of all time.

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