Monday, July 19, 2021


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Satellite images show the imminent advance of global warming and how the Earth has changed over the past 30 years.

 Geological evolution took billions of years to reach what it is now, a planet rich in biodiversity and with a system of balance that we cannot fully decipher.  However, from the industrial age to the present, the activities carried out by man have managed to impact nature in such a way that the changes that the Earth has experienced in the last three decades are shocking and these satellite images show this.  The advance of global warming is imminent.

 In geological years, global warming has advanced at breakneck speed.  Yes, climate change has happened before, but it happened gradually and is a natural part of the planet's processes.  However, current climate change has no other explanation than human incidence.  The Earth's global temperature has been rising since the industrial age, but it's been these last few decades that we've seen the strongest damage.

 The consequences are already there, not in a decade, not in two...

  Unfortunately, it is believed that the consequences will take many more years to reach their most worrisome level, but in reality the present is temporary in this regard.  That is, perhaps our urban bubble does not allow us to look further and realize that the most serious consequences are already happening.  Forest fires, droughts, melting of the biggest glaciers, rising sea levels, extreme heat waves, and the death of millions of dying species.

 If we don't change the way we relate to nature, there won't be "the next few decades" to remedy what we, as humanity, have caused.  These satellite images clearly show the evolution to stratospheric levels of climate change caused by global warming.  This is how the Earth has changed in the last 30 years and all because of man.  There are no natural incidents in these photos, just consequences of our habits.

 Perhaps we are not aware of the damage we do to the planet with our habits.  Sometimes we apologize behind the thought that we are one in a million and that our actions may have little impact.  Of course, if we think in terms of individuality, that doesn't make sense.  But when it comes to humanity, it was never about individualism, it was about the collective.  Thus, a simple effort can turn into more positive actions that will never be in vain to protect the planet.

 Re-educating ourselves in order to educate others in caring for the environment is a responsibility we have, yes or yes, as inhabitants of the planet.  No more polarizing responsibilities and bequeathing them to large companies, no more seeing what others don't do for us either.  The planet will continue without humans and will recover, however, humans will never do without the Earth.

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