Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mermaid tears: the euphemian material that kills the oceans

Mermaid Tears, the euphemistic plastic material that poses the greatest contamination hazard and you probably haven't heard of.
Mermaid tears are a metaphorical way of calling the ocean crisis. The sea cries plastics, and it is not precisely because of the mermaids. The name actually refers to a little-known type of pollution, but so far one of the most dangerous for the deep. Mermaid tears are a type of extremely small plastic pearls that end up in the waters of the seas and oceans, polluting the ecosystem.
Also called "nurdles", these plastic balls measure between 1 and 5 millimeters and are the basic raw material for the creation of plastic articles. They are classified as primary microplastics, like the pearls used in the cosmetic industry. They are designed that size for a reason and that is their easy transportation to factories, which will then melt the millions of 'nurdles' particles to produce larger objects like plastic bottles. Therefore, it should not be confused with microplastics that are released from contamination from larger objects.
mermaid tears
The problem with these primary microplastics is that exorbitant amounts of mermaid tears fail to fulfill their ultimate function and end up being discharged into the oceans. Mismanagement in the transportation of these small pearls, as well as in their processing, causes millions of them to be involuntarily released into the waters of sweet and salty bodies.
Toxic food for marine fauna
Their tiny size, round shape and variety of colors make them attractive objects for marine life that ends up mistaking them for fish eggs and small prey. In this way they adhere to the organisms of living beings, although of course they have nothing to do with nutrients. On the contrary, there is a problem that adds to the situation. The polymeric composition of these plastic beads allows persistent organic pollutants (POPs) already present in the water to accumulate on their surfaces.

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