Thursday, June 3, 2021

Wolfe creek crater

Wolfe Creek Crater is a meteorite crater located in an uninhabited region of Western Australia.

The crater has long been known to the Aborigines, as evidenced by the numerous legends and myths that try to explain its origin which are passed down from generation to generation. The crater has been known to Europeans only for a few decades: it was in fact discovered during an aerial survey in 1947 and subsequently studied on site two months later.

Since then, numerous expeditions have made it possible to carefully study the history and properties of the crater.

The crater has a diameter of 880 meters and a depth of 60 meters. Several iron meteorites have been found in its vicinity: this makes Wolfe Creek Crater the second largest crater in the world in which fragments of the impacting asteroid have been found.

The crater is also very well preserved: this has allowed us to reconstruct the history of its formation. According to the latest studies, the crater should have formed about 120,000 years ago, when an asteroid with a diameter of 15 meters and a mass of 17 tons hit the Earth's surface at a speed of 15 km/s.

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