Monday, May 31, 2021

Arp 30

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Arp 30 (also known as NGC 6365, VV 232, and IRAS 17222 + 6212) is a pair of spiral galaxies, located at a distance of 370 million light years in the constellation of Drago. It was discovered on the 15th of August 1884 by Lewis A. Swift.

The two galaxies are known as NGC 6365A and NGC 6365B and in the famous Arp catalog the pair belong to the class of “spiral galaxies with a pronounced arm”. For the case of Arp 30, the pronounced arm is a galaxy. Note that initially it was not recognized that the pronounced spiral arm was another galaxy.

It is still not clear if these two galaxies are interacting, since NGC 6365A seems to be further away than NGC 6365B.

Image: Composite optical image of Arp 30 taken with the Gran Telescopio Canarias, in La Palma Spain. The image was created using broadband filters that are centred at 370 nm (UV-band), 481 nm (Green-band), 641 nm (Red-band), 770 nm (Infrared-band), and 970 nm (Z-band). The blue channel shows emission due to UV and Green bands, the green channel shows the Red-band emission, while the red channel is for the Infrared and Z bands.

Image Credit: Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC HiPERCAM) 

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