Monday, March 15, 2021

What Is Space Hurricane? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

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For the first time ever, scientists have confirmed the existence of space hurricanes high above the north pole, as reported by daily mail. Before this discovery, space hurricanes were just a theoretical concept that scientists believed existed outside of a large number of planets. Read on to know more about space hurricanes.

Researchers explained space hurricanes open a rapid energy transfer channel from space to the ionosphere and thermosphere. It would help in revealing important details of space weather effects such as increased satellite drag, disturbances in high-frequency radio communications etc.

What is Space Hurricane?

A space hurricane is a form of environmental phenomenon where instead of wind and rain, charged electrons and plasma make up the majority of the storm. Until now, it was thought to be a theoretical event, but scientists at the Shandong University in China were the first to observe and record this real space hurricane event. As per their report, the hurricane measured roughly 600 miles across and rained down charged electrons for as long as eight hours. The space hurricane spun counterclockwise at speeds up to 4,700 miles per hour, the academic paper reported. The hurricane was reported in space directly above the North Pole.

Four satellites passing over the North Pole detected the space hurricane. The authors of the academic paper reported that the hurricane was very much like a typical terrestrial hurricane in shape. It was shaped like a funnel with a quiet 'eye' at the centre surrounded by large amounts of plasma arms spinning counter-clockwise. The space hurricane rained down electrons into the Earth's upper atmosphere.

How Do Space Hurricanes Form?

As per, scientists have used a highly accurate 3D model of the hurricane to determine that the event resulted from a complex interaction between incoming solar winds containing plasma and the magnetic field of the Earth. While this is the first observed phenomenon of space hurricanes in real life, the researchers from Shandong University in China say these weather systems that cause space hurricanes can occur on any planets than have a magnetic and a large amount of solar plasma in their atmosphere.

Space hurricanes are not dangerous to humans as they are many kilometres above the surface of the Earth but they can end up disrupting a lot of things. Space hurricanes can impact existing weather conditions, damage any satellites that cross their paths and can also disrupt GPS and radio communication systems. Stay tuned for more news related to space and science.

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