Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Shoah Fault of (False) Science

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There may be various ways to celebrate Memory Day. One is definitely to be emotionally transported, watching or proposing themed films, publishing excerpts of the Diary of Anne Frank or pictures of deportees on their Facebook profile, writing a tweet against all forms of discrimination, to promise that we will never, ever allow such a thing to happen again. All legitimate things, but immediately after having done them become distant, as when you leave the cinema with the tear, but just enough time to sneak into a club to sip an aperitif.

Another way, is to try to make local mind about the things that allowed that tragic drift. In Germany in those years, the main motive that triggered this form of repression against Jews (and Gypsies and homosexuals in a smaller percentage, but no less Tajik) was determined by social and economic reasons. To this, however, we must add an aspect too often underestimated of that tragedy: its ideological and cultural disguise that was rooted in the "theory of the Aryan race", spurious and scientifically inconsistent derivation of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

This is the story.

Darwin wrote his books, The Origin of Species and The Origin of Man, in 1859 and 1871 respectively. The echo of these two texts was immediately enormous, even in the humanistic intellectual world. Small incidental: Darwin’s theory is a scientific theory in all respects although, unlike almost all the others we know or have heard of, it has very little mathematization. In other words: there are no mathematical formulas with which it is "translated" into symbolic language. This aspect makes it extremely dangerous, not because of what it says obvious, but because too many people with no scientific familiarity think, or have thought, to be able to understand it easily or even to express an "opinion" on it.

This is the main reason why this theory (a term that in science, unlike common language, is not synonymous with hypotheses, just to understand) is still discussed as if it was questionable, debatable, while others expressed with a strongly mathematical language, no.

What does this have to do with Memorial Day and the Shoah? It does. In 1879, on the occasion of the 50th Congress of German naturalists for example, we began to talk about "social Darwinism". Well, social Darwinism has no scientific foundation, needless to say: it has no requirement required by Darwin’s theory, because it lacks randomness, error, genetics. But so much so: the analogy proved to be so effective that the idea began to spread like wildfire even among German intellectuals who, especially by Eugene Fischer, began

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