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How do you reprogram a human being?

It’s not a machine?

It’s not a computer?

Is it not a mechanical or electronic system?

Nor is it a brainwashing...Not that!

When we talk about reprogramming, we are trying to bring about radical change in our lives. A change that motivates us, for starters, to be better people, best friends, best neighbors, best subjects in general. 

It is a question of living in peace, of seeking stability and harmony, starting with the principle of harmony and solidarity. The human being has generally, throughout the history of civilization, sought his own well-being, most of it, no matter who is carried away. That is a program or custom that has been passed down from generation to generation, and I am not saying that this is hereditary, it is not about DNA, it is a perverse custom that has been attached to us, what skin to our bones.

That should definitely be rescheduled, change that custom, educate our children, make them see that the common good, is my good.

The desire of man with technology, is good, innovate, create, discover. is wonderful. From my own experience I see that every day I can discover an entire universe, just by opening my mobile phone, or digging in the backyard of my house an anthill. The fascinating is there, already created in some way. But, selfishness stands out again and again, when it comes to personal interests. Then we resort to look further, look for another place to live! This planet has already given us much, but unfortunately more we have left it. We have left him irreparable damage, looting, pollution...but yes, we better look for a better place to live!.. and that? .. We already know that if we go to Mars, or any planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, we’ll still be the same, what sense would that make?

I think the change begins if we reprogram our approach. When I understand that I am not a single individual, that I am a community, I am part of a whole. That my good, should not harm others. That anything I undertake, can benefit others...I don’t know, I just think and think.. It’s time to convey another kind of message. A message, in which each of us is involved. That thinking,  analyzing together if agreements can be reached. It’s a recurring thought that comes to my... I must work for a better life for myself, my children...but always remembering that I am part of a community, of a country, of a continent, of a planet. That’s it! We’re not alone. We have to reprogram that every day. We’re not unique. We’re part of a whole!

                                                       Dr. Francy Delgado

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